Who We Are

More than just wordsmiths
From corporate advertising to lifestyle editorial to writing lines for Hollywood movie sets, Foreword’s staff comes from different backgrounds in content creation. Our team’s strength lies in our different styles of storytelling. We’re not subject matter experts in all things, but we are experts in communication, which means we understand audiences and how to connect with them.

Lauren McDowell

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren is the leader of Foreword and obsessed with how small things add up to a bigger picture. Her work and life philosophy is that it’s not enough to love what you do—you’ve also got to love who you do it with. In addition to thinking about long-term strategies and soaking up cultural trends for Foreword and its clients, she’s also an avid reader, lover of jumpsuits, and collector of cookbooks.

Lauren Patestos

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren (the other one) is second-in-command and thrives on proactive communication and executing strategy. Her strong suits are planning, project management, and keeping clients smiling. A digital native and card-carrying Millennial™, she’s a sucker for a good hashtag on social media, and she shops almost exclusively online.

Todd Green

Creative Director

Establishing shot: A home office. Clean, organized, books and sticky notes everywhere. A laptop is open. We hear the sound of fingers racing across a keyboard. Pushing in closer, we find a writer in his mid-30s, wearing a Yankees cap with a scruffy beard and mischievous grin. Think Brad Pitt…but more like a rabbi. He sips his tea, considering his next word carefully. His eyes light up. He knows what comes next. He sets to work, furiously typing, eager to tell your story. The end.

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