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Social Media
September 11, 2023

Dark Social: Content is Working for You, Even When You Can't See It

By now most marketers, and a good portion of business owners, are hip to the value of content marketing. You understand that the right content, targeted to the right audience creates connection; and connection converts. ‍But whomst among us doesn’t like the external validation of likes, comments, and shares to confirm that our social media content is hitting the mark? How do we justify the value of content that doesn’t produce strong engagement metrics?‍
Social Media
July 24, 2023

Thread Count: The Data and Design of Meta’s New App

If you are a person who frequents the Internet, you may have noticed all the buzz about Threads, a social media platform and direct Twitter competitor that Meta released on July 5, 2023. ‍The platform had over 30 million signups on day one and 100 million by day five. It’s now the fastest-downloaded app of all time.
July 19, 2023

The AI Question

If you’ve accessed the internet in the last six months, you’ve read (or skimmed) something related to ChatGPT and/or its artificial intelligence contemporaries. Unsurprisingly, people in the marketing and advertising world have a whole lot to say in terms of how AI will affect the industry and what it means for creators and their clients.

Client Social Media Spotlight

As you may already know, a well-strategized and executed social media plan offers businesses and organizations a direct line to their consumers. Across all of our accounts — national bakery chains, VC firms, management districts, event planners, and more — the Foreword team strives to forge deeper relationships with a client’s already loyal audience while further expanding the brand’s reach into new markets and new minds.
Content Marketing Advice
January 24, 2023

Yes, Your Business Still Need Blogs

Blogs on your company's website offer a multitude of benefits that lead to short- and long-term success, both from a branding perspective and for business development.‍ Here are a few reasons blogs should still be in your content marketing arsenal.
Company News
July 27, 2022

What's In a Name? Move Forward with Foreword

Your company has a story to tell. Foreword positions you to tell it. 
July 7, 2022

Everyone Needs an Editor: Let Us Be Yours

There’s a common misconception that your company only needs outside writing assistance when it is understaffed in the writing or content arena. After all, if you have someone on staff whose job is to write (or someone who has a way with words that can take on assignments when needed), why would you need to hire an outside team for more help?