Client Social Media Spotlight

Foreword Team
July 19, 2023
5 min read

As you may already know, a well-strategized and executed social media plan offers businesses and organizations a direct line to their consumers. Across all of our accounts — national bakery chains, VC firms, management districts, event planners, and more — the Foreword team strives to forge deeper relationships with a client’s already loyal audience while further expanding the brand’s reach into new markets and new minds.

Today, we’d like to spotlight a few of our clients and some of their best-performing posts from this year so far!

Kolache Factory

Kolache Factory is a national bakery and café chain that serves modern takes on traditional Czech pastries. Since their business is direct to consumer, we’re able to create playful yet informative content that engages kolache lovers on the product, upcoming promotions, and more. Our posts, especially on TikTok, will often mirror popular social media trends. Speaking of TikTok, this client’s account has gone from 0 to 41.8K followers in just a year! Below are some of our favorites so far.

Yung Gravy Kolache: 80.8K views and 9,621 likes

Oh my God! Chorizo & Egg: 49.4K views and 5,976 likes

Kolaches, but Wes Anderson: 44.2K views and 3,092 likes

Smart Claims Public Adjusting

Smart Claims Public Adjusting advocates for insurance policyholders that have suffered property damage, often as the result of a major storm or natural disaster, and are in danger of not receiving a fair settlement offer from their insurance company. Smart Claims is a relatively new brand on social media, so we’ve set out to show customers how their team fights for policyholders and guides them through this very stressful, difficult process. As potential customers are often in need of immediate answers and solutions on how to deal with an insurance carrier, we deploy a straightforward, conversational, and informative tone in our messaging for this client.

Fire Damage: 1.4K engagements and 8 likes

Signs of Roof Damage: 712 engagements and 16 likes

Hail: 403 engagements and 83 likes

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