What's In a Name? Move Forward with Foreword

Lauren McDowell
July 27, 2022
5 min read

In the vast, crowded jungle of the digital space, communicating who you are and what you’re all about to the world can be a challenge. We experienced this firsthand as our company’s partners—Lauren M., Lauren P. and Todd—sat down to plot a path for the future.

Much like we do with our clients, we put ourselves through a rigorous process, asking tough questions to get at the heart of who we are, what we do, where we excel, and where we see the most opportunity for growth for our company and our clients.

Though there are plenty of details (and hours of conversation that went into developing our new brand), we recognized that at our core we are a team of people who:

  • Have impressive writing backgrounds and a natural penchant for storytelling;
  • Are skilled at understanding our clients’ target audiences and speaking to their needs;
  • Are interested in new and developing platforms that are changing the ways that people communicate, interact as consumers, and navigate the digital landscape. 

And these factors directly shape Foreword’s purpose and ethos as a content marketing agency. Our clients have incredible brand stories to tell about their company cultures, their people, and, of course, their products and services. Working with us as content marketing partners, they entrust us to tell those stories in a way that resonates with their customers. 

When we discussed what we wanted our new company to be called, “Foreword” made perfect sense. Just like the foreword of a book introduces readers to the author and the story to come, Foreword introduces customers to your brand and all that you have to offer. 

Your company has a story to tell. Foreword positions you to tell it. 

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