Yes, Your Business Still Need Blogs

Lauren McDowell
January 24, 2023
5 min read

In the world of digital marketing, people are often drawn to new and shiny objects. We’re not immune from this ourselves (after all, we want to make sure we’re giving clients the best bang for their buck by staying on top of trends and new platforms). So while we’re always open to new platforms to help people learn about your business, we’re also adamant that the reliable “oldies but goodies” shouldn’t be pushed to the wayside.

A prime example: blogs on your company website. Done right, there are a multitude of benefits that lead to short- and long-term success, both from a branding perspective and for business development.

Here are a few reasons blogs should still be in your content marketing arsenal:

Blogging builds brand identity.

Blogs reign supreme as “owned media” because you have the freedom to tell your audience exactly what you want, on your terms. This is especially useful in an era when customers are interested in doing business with companies that share their values. Blogs are also a great place to share videos and podcast episodes with transcription and added context, as well as press releases and media coverage.

Blogs drive organic search traffic to your website.

When you have the right content plan and SEO strategy in place, the blog topics you choose and their relevant keywords will draw your target audience(s) to your website as they look for useful information. Depending on your goals, blogs can serve as top-of-funnel touchpoints or to nurture leads to a sale in order to meet the reader wherever they’re at in the buyer’s journey. 

Blogs can be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy.

The value of blogs extends beyond their initial publication on your website. Blogs can easily be split up into multiple pieces of content and shared on various social media platforms, and older blogs can be refreshed and recycled for “new” content down the road. Blogs can also be used in email marketing and newsletters or for talking points for podcasts or interviews.

Well-written and sourced blogs mean higher search rankings.

The more consistently you publish high quality, informative, and factually accurate blog posts, the more credible your content becomes to readers (and the more highly it will rank in Google searches). Target audiences and industry leaders are drawn to good sources of information, and they’re most likely to discover your content and consider you trustworthy if you have a history of posting good info on relevant topics.

Launch your blog.

If you’re ready to elevate your content marketing and start publishing blogs that attract new business, reach out. Our team is standing by to help create content that connects with your target audience.

Lauren McDowell